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Thank you for visiting Pathways to Healing.  I'm Holly Tisdale, an energy medicine practitioner.  I use Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki and the Avana Method to help release blockages in the energetic pathways of the body and to promote relaxation.  This invokes our own healing capacity which fosters wellness on all levels; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

We are energy beings that benefit from energy medicine.  The energy body includes the aura, which surrounds the body, the energy channels, which are called meridians and then the chakras, which connect the aura and meridians.  The life force energy/Ki/Prana flows through these energy centers.

When your life force energy is high and free flowing you may feel healthier and stronger.  When your life force energy is low or blocked, you may feel weak and more vulnerable.  When energy therapy is used it raises the energetic vibrations of the body to a higher level, raising your consciousness and awareness, and energy flows freely.  This creates a state of relaxation which allows your innate healing capacity to awaken.


"The energy that is motivating us does not come from the body.  It is part of the universal abundance, which comes through us from the universal source."  ~ Mary Burmeister

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